Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This was my first LONG bike ride out of Himalayas. I never saw desert and the colours of Rajasthan kept always fascinating me, so this is how I decided for this ride. We were two on a single bike. Before commencing the journey I was searching the best route for Jaisalmer, the desert capital of Rajasthan. I always try to return from another route if possible and this was not at all a problem in Rajasthan, which has a good network of highways.

On bike rides, whether short or long, the problems of flat tyres, manoeuvring bike in high speed traffic with their high beams at night that too on single roads, strong winds and of course the unexpected potholes or bad roads are the MAJOR problems. So here is my ‘story’ saying all the even n odds we faced during our RIDE TO THAR. “

Bike - Bajaj pulsar dtsi 150 cc
Camera – canon S2IS

Total distance – 2166 kilometres
Total time – 4 days (29th Mar. – 1st April, 07)